Algemene Voorwaarden

Terms & Conditions

A. Definitions
B. Identity of the entrepreneur
C. Applicability
D. Shipping
E. Delivery times
F. Purchase Agreement
G. Method of payment
H. Exchanges and returns
A. Definitions

In these conditions, the following definitions apply:
1. Customer : the natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business and a distance contract with the entrepreneur;
2. Entrepreneur : the natural or legal products and / or remote services to consumers;
3. Conditions : the present General Terms and Conditions of the entrepreneur.
4. Day : calendar day unless specified otherwise;
B. Identity of the entrepreneur

Company details:
Esther Femmigje
Kloosterstraat 3h 6641KW Beuningen, The Netherlands
KVK NR: 61400440
VAT No: NL 196240128B01
Bank details: IBAN NL66 INGB 0682 1173 82

C. Applicability
1. The English Terms and conditions prevail. Terms and condition in other languages are just translation for reference.
2. The “Esther Femmigje Webshop” sell works according to the law on distance.
3. These terms and conditions apply to every offer made by the entrepreneur to a customer.
4. Before the agreement is concluded, the text of these general conditions have to be made available to customers. If this is not possible, the entrepreneur will send in an agreed method (mail, e-mail, etc.) these terms and conditions to the customer.
5. The customer has to agree to the terms and conditions in order for the purchase to be concluded.
6. In the event that in addition to these general conditions, there is also specific conditions or service conditions applicable, the customer will have to agree upon purchase.
7. If one or more paragraphs of these terms and conditions will have to change, only are applicable the terms and conditions agreed during purchase.

D. The offer
1. If an offer has a limited duration or subject to conditions, this will be explicitly stated in the offer.
2. The offer is non-binding. The entrepreneur is entitled to change the offer and adapt or cancel a purchase.
3. The offer includes a complete and accurate description of the products and / or services. The description is sufficiently detailed to allow a proper assessment of the offer by the customer. The pictures linked to the offer are a true reflection of the products and / or services. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer are responsibilities of the entrepreneur.
4. Images in products are a true representation of the products. Entrepreneur cannot guarantee that the colours displayed exactly match the actual colours of the products.
5. Each offer contains such information that is clear to the customer what rights and obligations are involved in accepting the offer. This, concerns in particular:
o the price including taxes;
o any costs of delivery;
o how the agreement will be achieved and what actions they require;
o whether to apply the right of withdrawal;
o the method of payment, delivery or performance of the contract;
o The deadline for accepting the offer, or the deadline for adhering to the price;
o if the contract is filed after conclusion, and if so, how this can be accessed by the customer;
o how the customer before the conclusion of the contract, to check information provided by him under the contract and repair if necessary;

E. Shipping
1. Shipping costs are dependent of the shipping insurance agreed between the customer and the entrepreneur. The shipment will be done in coordination with DHL
2. When the order is finalized, the customer will receive a copy of the order to the specified email address. If no copy of the order has been received, the order was not finalized.
3. The customer will also receive a mail to confirm the purchased article has been sent.

F. Delivery times
1. Most of the articles on the Webshop are available on stock. The purchased article will be shipped within 1 week after the confirmation of the order.
2. For articles not available on stock, the time to shipment will be agreed between the customer and Esther Femmigje.
3. The Delivery time will be dependent on the shipment conditions and the distance to destination.
4. The customer will then have to specify its preferred shipment address. This address will be mentioned in the confirmation email sent to the entrepreneur after the sale is finalized.

G. Purchase Agreement
1. We speak of a contract after placing the order on our online store.
2. In confirmation, we will send you an email with all order / address information as you entered it.
3. Mistakes and errors are entirely at your risk and expense. If you still find a mistake in your order please let us know within 24 hours by e-mail.
H. Method of payment
1. The customer will have the choice of the method of payment, agreed in advance before the finalization of the sale.
• Cash on pickup.
• Mollie also known as iDEAL.
• Direct bank transfer. The order will be finalized only when the transfer has been received.
2. After you have made your choice of the method of payment, the customer will have to follow the steps provide by the Webshop.
3. The customer will have to fill in its billing address if different from the shipment address.
4. Any different payment method will have to be agreed prior the sale to be concluded.

I. Exchanges and returns
1. The entrepreneur “Esther Femmigje” creates unique art pieces, therefore it will not be possible to exchange an article for lookalike article.
2. Nevertheless, if the customer is not satisfied with his purchase, the customer has the right to cancel an order within 5 days after order confirmation, and 14 days to return the product.
3. The customer will be credited the full purchase amount, excluding retour shipping.
4. If the customer use his right of withdrawal, the product will have to be returned with all accessories and in its original condition unused and undamaged and in original packaging to the entrepreneur company address.