The pilgrimage

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,


I saw this amazing inspiring movie today called L'ascension in where an ordinary man climbed the Mount Everest for the one he loves and to proof the world he is capable of so much more. It reminded me of 2011 when I walked the pilgrimage to Santiago the Compostela.  The main reasons I walked this road was for a greater spirit, inspiration, and a broken heart. The road was beautiful but harsh, yet at the end of my journey, my spirit was strong, loving and aware, my love for life was again awakened and my heart was whole.


Now it's already been many years ago but still its lights up my heart and soul. What I learned and experienced there on that pilgrimage is something I still want to carry out and share in my art. 

That you have the strength within you to carry the pain in your heart. The courage to face the troubles along the road, to be on your own and know you are not alone. To appreciate life, keep learning every day and to keep your heart and soul open, no matter what.


Buen Camino!


Love, Esther Femmigje 

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