Pelgrimage: Camino glass art piece

Beginning september 2011 I came back from my pilgrimage from Jean pied de port to Santiago, a very remarkable and inspiring journey and out of this journey I created this special glass art piece. The journey made a deep impression on me. I left with questions and came home with answers and this glass art piece is an expression of it. I had three wishes in my heart while i walked this pilgrimage: inspiration, stronger spirit and peace in my heart. And if I succeed I knew everything is possible in my life.  I feel, im strong and I enjoy what life brings. You learn to keep going even when all lights go out. There is nothing more beautifull than to share the love of life through my art. And to show with perseverance and following your own path you will have an extraordinary life with endless possibilities and growth. 


Beside the camino glass art piece, I created an glassart product line also inspired by this journey. You can find more about  this line here :  I wish 

The Camino glass art object


The glass art object contains painted tangled lines with shells inside. They are symbolising the problems you start when you begin your pilgrimage, you are stuck and there is no way out. The further you go on your journey the more your heart opens and everything gets a place and you can feel free again. The eye is symbolising the enrichment of the soul. It is a painted eye with on the end a tackfused technique in wich the glass is layered and fused together. The eye is lose from the object and you can move it freely onto where you stand in life. Are you the knots or are you free? On the glass art object you can find a painted poem that tells the wisdom of letting go and to be truly free in life. My goal with this glass art object is to inspire and make people aware of themself.