What is Creacycle?


A collection based and inspired on recycled glass, to treasure all the left behind and forgotten pieces. So many beautiful glasswork is cast aside in a dump, such a waste! My mission is to recreate  it back to life in your eyes and heart. All glass is created intuitive, what I feel in my soul when I recreate the piece, I will try to describe in a small poem or sentence . Let their story speak to you.



The glass I work with is either mouth blown or crystal. The techniques I use is engraving and painting.  I work intuitive, pure from the heart, that means  there will be only one of every piece. I love to engrave very detailed and free. See pictures  on the right for what I have done in the past.


Serie: Universe inside

Other work




Two beautiful unique 'free as a bird' hand engraved mouth blown glasses.


"Courage be kind for I will let you free into my dreams"

Esther Femmigje

A unique engraved and painted candleholder called 'Rebirth'. Telling a story to keep believing even when all odds seem against you, a new life awaits.


"A star collapsed in the atmosphere

all her light shines into the unknown

and her energy bursting through the clouds

the secret of life is carved in her bones

The cold and warm air surrounds her

hopes and dreams wander in her sleep

wishes going from the surface to the sky

as her heart sings along in the deep

Nature's wonder when the night lightens up

When a falling star goes down to the earth

A beautiful spectacle of true beauty and strength

by taking a leap of faith, healing takes place

life prevails and she celebrates in rebirth"

-Esther Femmigje-