Once upon a memory...

What is Once upon a memory ?


A collection of glass art pieces inspired by memories, visualized in colours and detailed lines and described in poetry and stories.


Every art piece tells brings you to a moment in time where I have learned something important in life. I do this with colors, lines, a poem and by sharing an personal memory. 


The techniques I use is fusing, engraving and painting. The pieces are created intuitive, what I feel in my soul when I create the piece, I will try to describe in a poem. 





..Remember to be brave

An fused, painted and engraved glass art piece, inspired by a memory to be brave.

"Once upon a memory.."

 ..remember to be brave

A memory stored in my heart

gradient with colour and life

lighting up all these emotions

as firework inside

- Esther Femmigje -


"I remember long time ago I wrote a song for someone I loved at that time. I decided to sing and play on a stage. Once I was on the stage I sat behind a big piano with shaking hands and a trembling voice. And a quiet big crowd in front of me, and somewhere in this crowd there was the person I wrote the song for. Somewhere in the middle part of the song I got a black out, I forget all the lyrics and the notes. And I managed to shout the word ´shit´ threw the microphone. There I was sitting on the little piano chair, looking scared to the piano keys. It became quiet in me and I saw a face popping out in this darkness and the music and the lyrics came back to me and I started to sing and play again."


Sometimes we have to remember why we do it and to decide to be brave and to go for it. For me at that time it was a song and maybe for you it could be a message you would like to share, a test you want to succeed or to say finally no...It could be so many things. Keep it close in your heart and remember to be brave .


Remember to be in peace

"Once upon a memory.."

"Remember to be in peace "

What a beautiful day

peacefully I lay completely whole

in the high tall grass, singing of the

flowers in my soul

- Esther Femmigje -


`I remember it was a beautiful day, after some cloudy rainy days. The sky was almost blue just a few clouds were forming shapes and decorating the ceiling. There I was sitting in the high tall grass between the flowers. Small animals and insects were passing by and saying hello, I wave back and wishing them a nice day. Humming little melodies and enjoying just to sit there in the midst of life, to be alive, to be in peace.`


Sometimes things happen in life and we need time to rest our weary hearts and mind. Peace means to be just there in that particular moment and fully enjoy it. For me, it's to go to a place in nature but for you, it could be among loved ones, go for a run outside feeling the wind on your skin or just sitting on your favorite chair watching your favorite movie. It can be so many things ..Keep it close in your heart and remember to be in peace.