I am Esther Femmigje Heslinga, I design stained glass, bowls and art objects. I am graduated on glass art and I followed my heart and started a glass art studio. I found the ocupation where I could bring my whole heart in and I do it with much joy.


In the summer of 2011 I walked the pilgrimage route to Santiago de compostella, for me it was a life changing journey and it brought me so much inspiration and insights towards life that it influenced my work. My main goal is not only to create beautifull unique objects, but also to inspire and make people aware of themself and the beauty of life.


A design that is created with so much detail and are connected to eachother. Everytime you see something different and discover something new. I specialise myself in detailed painting on glass, fusing and engraving and i focus on small work. I work among other things with leftover glass, i re-use the glass out of old stained glass, glassware and incoporate them in een new design. 


The power of my work is intuitive designing, there will never be the same pattern and in only one design there is already so much to discover. Behind each unique glass piece there is a story or idea, that I symbolically incorporate into a design. The style of my work is remincent of a mixture of surrealism, jugendstil and art nouveau. 





In addition to glass art I write poetry already for years, wich contains a deeper understanding and to inspire and make people aware. To get an idea of my work check out this website: secretmelodys 

And you can find examples of poetry combined with photography by 'Other Art'


And I like to photographe in my free time. I combine photography with poetry. And I have a love for film and i like to edit. More examples of work can be found in : Other art.