I am Esther Femmigje Heslinga, I design stained glass, bowls and art objects. I am graduated on glass art and I followed my heart and started a glass art studio. I found the ocupation where I could bring my whole heart in and I do it with much joy.


I have learned on younger age that life is precious and that walking on this earth is not a random thing, something that you can take for granted. At the age of  5 years old I experienced a terrible traffic accident in which I almost lost my life.  A miraculous thing happened:  I survived and I came back to consciousness  and the only remembrance of this event was a significant scar on my left cheek, some bruises here and there, and an experience that goes beyond this world.


A scar on your face is not something you can hide, you learn in time to accept it and then to embrace it. Though the story behind the scar is what I kept safe within me for a long time. With a lot of courage and determination and an open heart, I started a journey within, once more. I can say out loud, I had a near death experience, an amazing lighted journey on the other side. 


I have learned something very important there, and that is purpose. It also brought me further into spirituality and closer to God.  In the summer of 2011, I walked the pilgrimage route to "Santiago de Compostella".  It was the beginning of a transformational journey,  and it brought me so much new inspiration and insights towards life that it greatly influenced my work. 




My calling in my life and in art is:  


" I would like to inspire you and make you aware of the beauty of life and of yourself.  "


I remember an intensive moment during my pelgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella, the road was long and harsh and lonely, My water run out and the heat was inbearable. I started crying and fell down to the earth, I stayed there for a while feeling scared and helpless. I could have stayed there forever and waiting for someone to pass by and help me to get up. Instead I stood up, took my heavy bag and kept going. It took me another couple of hours before reaching my destination, It is a small challenge compare to other ones I had during my life. Though it always reminds me that change starts within, within a broken, doubting, scared, fearful <-> healing, confident, overcoming, daring  heart♥


My work can be described as freedom; intuitive art inspired by stories, emotions and symbolized in colors, figures, and lines. My art is very vibrant, detailed, and has a life on his own. There is always a message, a reason hidden in my art, I will always  do my best to create something that has the power to touch and enlighten your soul.



The art forms I use are:

·         glass art               stained glass, fusing, engraving, painting

·         painting              aquarel

·         poetry

·         photography     landscape, potrait

·         wood                   painting, engraving


 Most of the time I try to combine many art forms into one art product, to give and create a unique experience.To give an idea: the'  Light within'  and the  ' I wish'  collection are a combination of many forms . 


If you have any questions or want to know more about my art and my experience,

don't hesitate to write me.


I would love to hear from you,



Esther Femmigje