For all the dreamers...

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,


Sometimes in life, there is an unsettling breeze that stirs the soul. It makes you shiver and is trying to dim your inner light from spreading out to the world. For anyone who keeps their heart opens despite the cold, is chasing their dreams despite the mountains holding on no matter what.


I wrote for you this poem and took for you this picture to thank you and that it may inspire you to keep lighting and warming this world with your being, for you truly matter :) 


Have a wonderful day!



Esther Femmigje .

"For all the dreamers who went to pursue their dream

for the love to live and to share

all the wonders and treasures of life

They lighted the sky with belief

From up high to down below they took a leap

Of faith and courage that took over their hearts

To go after what they seek

For the ones that hold their eyes open

When everyone is asleep

For their hearts sings so beautiful

To reach the sleepers in the deep"

-Esther Femmigje- 



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Esther Femmigje


15 Rue de l'ancien Marche 

Val-de-Virieu, France



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