Once upon a memory : Hope

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being,


It's been a tough couple of weeks. It's really difficult in midst of despair, to have faith. When all odds are against, in midst of darkness, to hold on to the light we all have within. To fuel yourself and anyone around you to have hope, and no matter what happens it's going to be okay. Every emotion possible went through me these weeks. There were times of anger, of sadness or despair, completely powerless. And yet there were times of healing, forgiveness, and love. Almost every single morning I started with a prayer to ask God to guide my day in love, not in fear. To try every day to keep an open heart and not be tempted to build walls. And it's so tempting to get lost, to be angry, to be hurt and to run away. I do believe it's important to express your emotions, the difficulty in life is not be consumed by them. Let it pass, and just be ' Here'.


A fused, engraved and painted glass art piece, inspired by a memory to have hope. This piece I created for the collection: ' Once upon a memory'  some time ago, unfinished, I put it aside. And during these weeks as a flash in my mind, it passed by every time I felt hope. For me, it resembles a fire of life, one that never diminishes,  for it blooms in midst of storms, colors the soul in every depth, a hidden treasure within.


"Once upon a memory.."

"Remember to have hope "

An everlasting fire that blooms within

hope it whispers, towards the unspoken

for in time colors light up and weave the soul

and mends and empower the broken

- Esther Femmigje -


For anyone who wonders how is it with my father? Well he survived and he is doing his best to come back to us, it will still take a long revalidation but he is on his way. Thank you for every prayer, good and strong wishes they meant to world for me and my family ♥

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