The broken pieces within

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,


Wow, I became a bit silent after watching a wonderful anime serie called : 'Violet garden' . It's about a girl who was raised as a child soldier and survived the war and had to live with her inner self, her inner tragedy, her inner war. Slowly her walls are falling down, one by one, and in the end she can embrace her inner day and inner night. A wonderful touching emotional journey about understanding love in her highest form, for anyone around her but most of all for herself. It takes a lot of courage and persistence to face your inner darkness, no matter where the fault lies within you, or in others. I know in time by own experience the clouds of doubt and sadness and loneliness will disappear, what is left is a clear light, shining straight in the eyes, one that doesn't blind you.


I will leave you with this picture and poem I wrote and took many years ago. These pretty flowers I found growing on a dirty street in a small village in France. Some have withered, cast aside or been trapped on, though there was one who bloomed intensely despite her uncomfertable location. It  reminds me of when I went through my own trauma's, hope it may encourage you to live, to embrace and to love all the broken pieces within you.



Have a wonderful life ♥



Esther Femmigje 

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