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♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,


I am starting a small project connected to the 'Light Within' collection, to spread more awareness and insights into each other's acceptance process, and to learn something from each other. And I assume that many feel alone and hopefully realize that we are all (one) ♥


I had a mini photo shoot with Myrthe Slot, 30 years young and is a pedagogue. She was wearing 'Light Within 'earrings, that were specifically made for her. I wanted to capture her, while the sun was going down and creating this magical atmosphere, where everything seems to glow. I believe strongly, out of my own experience, that when we are just before sunset in our own life, we have the ability to 'glow'. That what seems as a dead end becomes an opportunity for remembrance for who we truly are and growth of what we can become.


I know Myrthe already for years and know the change she went through.

And I wondered if she could share some insights of what she learned in accepting and loving herself more.


"I am still in the process of rediscovering and accepting who I truly am. One thing that is really important is to continue to develop yourself. There will be opposing people or situations that makes you insecure or even doubt your capability. Ask the question: does it help me? If not, get rid of repeating patterns, break the cycle to be open for something new."


Thank you Myrthe for being brave by willing to showing yourself on camera and sharing your story.

If you get inspired and would also like to share your story and be photographed, send me a personal message. Any age is welcome.


For more information about the collection:…/collections/light-within/


Have a wonderful day!



Esther Femmigje


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