Treasured memory

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,


In forgotten lands, I seek

flowers that groom my soul

with just one kiss,

life wakes in the soil

- Esther Femmigje -


This picture was taken on a mountain in the south of France, Provence. The sun was going down and it created a magical atmosphere with the flowers. As the light caressed the flowers, it brought me back to a kiss I gave someone I loved just before she passed. The softness of her skin, like silk. And this memory I treasure in my heart, by remembering she is here, as if she never left. I hope the poem or the picture may bring good memories into your heart to ♥


Have a wonderful memory!



Esther Femmigje

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Esther Femmigje


15 Rue de l'ancien Marche 

Val-de-Virieu, France



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