Blue of wonder

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,


The depth of the sky

so far and beyond

growing endless and mighty

forging with men a bond

The soul wanders

into the blue of wonder

the mind and the soul wakes

amidst rain and thunder

-Esther Femmigje - 


I took this photo many months ago when a storm was brewing in the sky. I loved the great mighty clouds and the small person walking on the dike. It's exactly a reflection for how I feel inside in times of being overpowered and wandering through life. 

In those times I just look at this picture and remember the moment I was there and instead of feeling overpowered I feel inspired and can't wait what lies ahead on the journey...♥


How are you feeling today?


I wish you an inspiring day!



Esther Femmigje

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Esther Femmigje


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