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♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺, 


I am having a small project connected to the 'Light Within' collection, to spread more awareness and insights into each other's acceptance process, and to learn something from each other.

And I assume that many feel alone and hopefully realize that we are all (one) ♥


I had a mini photo shoot with Genevieve Raynaud, 62 years young, worked as a  job advisor for the French governmental agency for employment, and is now enjoying her pension. She was wearing 'Light Within 'earrings, that were specifically made for her. .


I know Genevieve already for some years, as the mother of my loving boyfriend.  She went through some storms of change in her own life and learned how to merge showers of rain together with peeks of sunlight, into lovely rainbows.  And I wondered if she could share some insights into what she learned in accepting and loving herself more. .


" On the path of life what inspired me is, in everything, I undertake to give the best. 

Gradually, the essentials emerge; take care of myself, caring for each other and entrust the impossible to God. The art is to balance and discerning what is my share and what I must give up to God. The adjustment is permanent. The light that illuminates is Love. " .

Thank you, Genevieve, for being brave by willing to showing yourself on camera and sharing your story💟


If you get inspired and would also like to share your story and be photographed, send me a personal message. Any age is welcome.


For more information about the collection:

Light within 


Have a wonderful day!



Esther Femmigje

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