A new life in France

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺, 


A new adventure will begin very soon. I am emigrating to France and will start living there from September. My love found a job in south of France and that means our dream for starting a new life in France together is becoming reality.  Two weeks ago we were searching for a home and luckily we found a beautiful apartment in Le Pont de Beauvoisin, close to Chambery and Lyon.  With enough space for us, the cats and for my glass art studio. An exciting time ahead !  And that means the web shop will close starting from mid Augustus and I will not  be open for any new assignments for the time being, until I am settled in France. .


Je te souhaite une bonne journée 



Esther Femmigje

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Esther Femmigje

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