I'm back

♥Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being☺,

Wow, time passes by quickly, and how much life has changed since the move to France. I have been a bit away from the studio to make myself more home in France. Getting used to a new environment, culture, making the house homely, making the studio work-ready and learning a whole new language. I'm still in the process and it will take much long longer than I anticipated from the beginning.  Whoosh, it is quite scary and cost a lot of energy. And that's okay, step by step, day by day and I will reach my goals.

The good thing when life changes it gives new input and ideas, that I will bring to life this coming year. I'll be creating a new collection, some stained glass, and some Creaycycle projects. And let's see what else comes on my path.

I wish you all a good inspiring coming year :)

Esther Femmigje 

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