The center

❤Dear magical absolute amazing captivating one of a kind wonderful awesome being🙂,


After about 6 months I finally was able to finish this intuitive painted and engraved stained called : the Center. Telling many stories in one, a story of grief, of rebirth, and most of it a promise; a promise of love. Love that is eternal as a circle, the center,  to where we come from and we will return.


When I was 5 years old I visited the ‘center’, heaven, they said it was not yet my time, so I came back here on earth. And it learned me something important and that is purpose. Life is not an accident, you are here for a reason.  Some lives end way too soon, like my brother’s, a childhood friend’s, and many more that already have passed. It breaks my heart, for I love them so much. Though knowing they are safe, in a wonderful place, eases my pain.


I wanted to try to bring heaven on earth. What I felt and saw there, I wanted to make it visible for anyone who passes by our house. I deeply felt I had to create something for anyone who lost their hope, has a broken heart, a fractured soul; to know they are loved, and the one they love, they will see them again and they are waiting with open arms…


There is a lot of symbolism, and stories inside this glass art piece. For anyone who has an interest to know more, in a few weeks, I will be putting the story on my website. For now, I’m off, I have my own wedding in a few days.

Have a wonderful loving sunny coming weeks.



Esther Femmigje

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Esther Femmigje


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