What is Creacycle?


A collection based and inspired on recycled glass, to treasure all the left behind and forgotten pieces. So many beautiful glasswork is cast aside in a dump, such a waste! My mission is to recreate  it back to life in your eyes and heart. All glass is created intuitive, what I feel in my soul when I recreate the piece, I will try to describe in a small poem or sentence . Let their story speak to you.



The glass I work with is either mouth blown or crystal. The techniques I use is engraving and painting.  I work intuitive, pure from the heart, that means  there will be only one of every piece. I love to engrave very detailed and free. See pictures  on the right for what I have done in the past.


Serie: Universe inside



A beautiful unique hand engraved and painted mouth blown light sphere. With every glassart piece I take you on a journey across the universe within yourself by describing it in a poem.


Part 1 : 

"I searched across time and space

endless depths and endless heights

to discover a precious bestowal

for I have a universe inside"

-Esther Femmigje-