An unique hand-engraved stained glass art piece called: Belong & Beloved. I created it for a friend, for her wedding day.

It symbolizes their love story and a song that is called: 'Cos love' by Tom Rosenthal.  


For many among us, just like me,  our first love is not our last love, we go through several broken hearts and then try to keep our spirits up for finding that one person. At some point it may feel hopeless, like perhaps it wasn’t meant and then something magical happens…


A couple of years ago, my friend and her partner always missed each other at many events, one was present and the other was not. And then when me and my husband emigrated to France, they both decided to help out. Since then it occurred to me, they would be a perfect match. We tried to match them, and we were trying to be ‘subtle’, yet with no avail,  I really thought this ship has sailed. When my friend took the train home, I send her the song: cos love, it’s a song about trying to describe love in all its glory and trials, with a very important message:

“Love, if you miss it try again, it belongs to you, my friend.”


And here we are, I never ever thought that my friend would find her love through me. Her husband is a good friend of my husband. And my friend is also my cousin, so we are all family now, that is really special


For anyone reading this and haven't found that one person yet,  keep your heart open and keep trying for it also belongs to you, my friend.



Esther Femmigje


15 Rue de l'ancien Marche 

Val-de-Virieu, France



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