I created this unique painted stained glass art piece for a young couple in France went through the loss of their unborn child.  I was very honored to make this piece for them and to be able to create something that could hopefully help them in their grieving process.


The art piece resembles a tree where the roots are in the stars, for the child has never had a chance to be here on earth. The blue glass stands for the grief as for the healing. Yet on top behind the branches, the sun is there, for there is hope,  a new day has come. And a butterfly flying towards it symbolizing the passing of the soul and the fragility of life. Three hearts can be found, one in the blue, one in the branches, and one in the trunk of the tree, symbolizing the love within the family, the parents, and the child.♥





Esther Femmigje


15 Rue de l'ancien Marche 

Val-de-Virieu, France



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