Secondary glazing

Morning has broken

One unique painted and hand engraved stained glass secondary glazing, designed and crafted for my parent's home.

The story behind this glass art piece:


It represents a sunrise shining through the leaves, with a peek of blue sky,  for its symbolizing hope, possibilities, healing, and rebirth. In our family that is a continuous theme, and that keeps repeating itself in various forms in our lives. There are two songs that I have known since childhood: Cat Stevens, "Morning has broken" and Electric Light Orchestra, "Mr blue sky". And when the music starts, there is this instant urge of happiness to live and the energy to overcome any obstacle.


When my father was in a coma last year, and slowly woke up, I was allowed to put on some music for him.And when my father heard the songs, he started to lift his hands like a conductor, and for the first time, I could see once again a smile appearing on his face.  In moments like these, in all darkness, there is hope, like the sun appears in the morning's horizon, after a dark cold night.  We felt fearful, desperate and lost and it transformed into love, possibility, and reconnection. If a storm will rise up again in the west, our eyes and heart will be set on the east, for that's where light is reborn.

The light that shines through the darkness

Five unique painted stained glass secondary glazing, designed and crafted for the customer


The story behind the stained glass art piece: 


The stained glass symbolize a difficult period in wich the hope was held and the prayers where answered.  The center ( the middle frame) is standing symbolic of the heart,  and it will partial bloom  in darkness and light, the colouring spreads its warmth  and joy of life to the side windows. Every color in this artpiece has its symbolic input and is well thought off. 



Review of mister and misses Godschalk

" Some people have can unite a persnoal story with their creativity. We really enjoy this beautifull handcrafted stained glass project.